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FOODTREE INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED GST- 07AAECF2747A1Z1 “Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” - Pat Riley About us- Maharaj I S Wahi : He is known in hospitality circles for his penchant for authenticity, detail and finesse, be it inside the kitchen or outside. After having spent more than three decades classifying the top kitchens in India and interacting with the best known chefs, he finally brings his own offering, backed by a passionate team, with a cuisine that comes from the region he belongs to; North West Frontier, known for its delicate use of spices, light marinations and subtle flavours. His innate, insightful understanding of the science and the art of cooking, lends a certain originality to the recipes and a taste that’s unique and lingers. Being from Attock, doesn’t limit him to this form of cuisine alone, though. There were all kinds of influences on the food and lifestyle of the region, including British, and he intends to continue to explore these in our pursuit for originality, purity and excellence. Ekta Kapur : After having travelled through the country and into its heartland for over a decade, she has inspected and helped set up 1200 homestays, boutique stays that has given her deep insights in the un-documented, intangible, food heritage of India. She has been researching the traditional food practices and techniques over the years and regularly experiments the impact of various metals, sizes, temperature and period of cooking, authenticity of ingredients on different food grains, vegetables and lentils. While the base is tradition, her style is contemporary that lends Little Attock its identity. The Little Attock Team invites you to dine in or order from our carefully put together Al a carte, or try one of our set menus; ‘Attock Tasting Menu’ for a sumptuous meal during a busy schedule or the ‘Slow Menu’ for when you allow us to create an indulgence for all your five senses. “From food life springs forth, by food it is sustained, and in food it merges when life departs” - The Upanishads A Slow Life Slow food was a big part of the slow lifestyle of Undivided as well as Ancient India. Little Attock is a small but sincere effort to reclaim some of our traditional practices, recipes inspired from Vedic Texts and old philosophies so that we can bring back the joys of slow cooked, nutritious and gratifying food. Here are some of those practices that we hold close: 1. A lot of our food is cooked slow, overnight, in utensils made in copper. 2. 99% unprocessed free and preservative free. 3. Fresh ground whole spices. Seasonal vegetables. 4. Only pure desi ghee, unrefined oils like mustard oil, or naturally refined oils that retain their nutrients. 5. Only free range, ethically reared, medium sized meats to ensure health and quality. 6. We are a ‘Zero-Single-Use-Plastic’ organisation, committed to eco-friendly practices. We have an industrial quality RO (Reverse Osmosis) plant in our kitchen from where we serve you pure, mineral rich (TDS 150-200), drinking water in sterilized, glass bottles. As part of the ancient Vedic tradition of sharing food, our kitchen serves free food to the lesser privileged in the area. Every time you eat from Little Attock, you are contributing to the meals of another section of humanity, those who can’t afford but deserve good food, equally. “A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” - Mahatma Gandhi Attock Legacy: Attock, a frontier town on the river Indus, part of undivided India, that had to be befriended, or won, to enter Hindustan, be it Alexander, Central Asian - Persian invaders or the Mughals, became a vantage point in the annals of history. It also saw innumerable battles between Afghans and Sikhs through much of last few centuries, that make for inspiring tales of valour and heroism as part of told, and untold, Sikh history. Maharaj I S Wahi, ‘inherited’ the extra ordinary legacy of Attock but only after it had been left behind during the partition. Little Attock, is his way, of bringing alive, a very small part of a glorious past, that was a melting point of cultures, be it Mediterranean, Central Asian, Afghani or British, of the eras gone by, when life was more laidback and people had time to care about the little things. His introduction to the Attock Cuisine is finally here. Subtle nuances, distinct aromas, authentic flavours, that invigorate our senses. Food that’s easily digestible, gives no heartburns and is super nutritious so you can have it guiltfree!

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