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Little Attock, Little Attock, New Delhi | Legacy



Attock, a frontier town on the river Indus, part of undivided India, that had to be befriended, or won, to enter Hindustan, whether it was Alexander, Central Asian - Persian invaders or the Mughals, became a vantage point in the annals of history. It also saw innumerable battles between Afghans and Sikhs through much of last few centuries, that make for inspiring tales of valour and heroism as part of told, and untold, Sikh history.

Maharaj I S Wahi, inherited the extra ordinary legacy of Attock but only after it had been left behind during the partition. Little Attock, is his way, of bringing alive, a very small part of a glorious past, that was a melting point of cultures, be it Mediterranean, Central Asian, Afghani or British, of the eras gone by, when life was more laidback and people had time to care about the little things.

LSubtle nuances, distinct aromas, authentic flavours, that invigorate our senses, nudging us back to a slow life.

  • Little Attock, F 95, Okhla Phase III
    New Delhi

  • Shop No- 219, 2nd Floor inside bomiso Gym, Good earth city center, Mailbu Towne, Sector 50, Gurugram, Haryana 122018