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Traditional, nutritious recipes from Undivided India, slow cooked in copper utensils. Order delivery directly or enjoy our dine in with a cosy ambience.

A Slow Life

A Slow Life

While we have made huge progress in various walks of life, over centuries, we have also in the process sacrificed time, and as a result, all the charm of a slow life. Slow food was a big part of the slow lifestyle, and this is a small but sincere effort to reclaim some of our traditional practices and old philosophies so as to relive the joys of nutritious, wholesome and gratifying food.

Here are some of those practices that we hold close:

  • A lot of our food is cooked slow, overnight, in utensils made in copper.
  • Our whole spices are sourced directly from villages in Kerala and fresh ground everyday.
  • We use only pure desi ghee, unrefined oils like mustard oil, or naturally refined oils that retain their nutrients.
  • We only procure the free range, ethically reared, medium sized meats to ensure health and quality.
  • We use only seasonal vegetables and fruits in our food and the menu is constantly tweaked around the fresh produce procured for the day.
  • We are a Zero-Single-Use-Plastic organisation, committed to eco-friendly practices. We have an industrial quality RO (Reverse Osmosis) plant in our kitchen from where we serve you pure, mineral rich (TDS 150-200), drinking water in sterilized, glass bottles.

As part of the ancient Vedic tradition of sharing food, our kitchen serves free food to the lesser privileged in the area for lunch and dinner. Every time you eat at and from Little Attock, you are contributing to the meals of another section of humanity, those who can't afford but deserve good food, equally.

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